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Burmese jade Yellow natural jade necklace
Judging from the many reds, the red is not ideal, and it does not match the Burmese jadegreen. Therefore, people have the idea of strengthening red, which has the red color change method. Roasted red is acid treated on a red block and then heated to promote oxidation until a satisfactory red color appears. Some of the roasted red is carried out on the finished product. After finishing the roasting red, it is polished and waxed again to make it bright and bright. However, the reddish part seems to be short and insufficient in water, and it cannot withstand the test of time. It artificially accelerates the oxidation of iron. In half a year, the color will fade or fade, far less than the original red. The true color of jade's natural color is hard to replace any artificial color. In the false color, the brush color, dyeing, her color and roasting red are almost sluggish, and its color is always blue and yellow. The roots have no bottom. If they are compared with the true color, Burmese Jade beads necklace they will appear dead and not live, and there is no greenness. As people have said, they are not afraid of not knowing the goods. They are afraid that the goods will be more distinct than the goods, and they will be true and false.

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